US Virgin Islands

St. Croix

Overview The biggest of the Islands, St. Croix has been inhabited for centuries. Various indigenous people groups like the Igneri, Taino, and Caribs inhabited the island throughout its early history. After Spanish colonizers landed in 1493, the Island’s population began dwindling from forced dispersal and...

St. John

Much like St. Croix, St. John was inhabited by the Taino people from about 700 to the late 1400s. The island was resettled by the Danish West India Company in 1671.

St. Thomas

Overview St. Thomas was settled around 1500 BC by the Ciboney people. Over the next few millennia various other indigenous groups inhabited the island. The island remained private to the indigenous peoples until sighted by Columbus in 1493 on his second journey through the new...

British Virgin Islands

Virgin Gorda



Jost Van Dyke

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